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Programs for utilities and energy efficiency organizations


Call our sales team at 978-707-2347 to discuss your organization's goals, and we'll design a program to meet your specific needs.

Energy Efficiency Product Incentive Programs - Claim real energy savings by offering an instant discount or rebate to your customers on advanced power strips, charging stations, and other energy saving devices. 

Our quality-focused turnkey program takes makes it easy for you to offer an incentive, and easy for your customers to take action.





Bulk Purchasing of Energy Efficiency Products - If your organization wishes to purchase energy efficiency products directly for your facilities or to distribute to your clients, we offer highly competitive pricing and unparalleled client service. Installation guides and inserts to ensure proper installation are available. For quotes and more info, contact our sales team.




Energy Conservation Kits - For organizations looking to provide local libraries, senior centers, and other groups with customized energy conservation kits, we have the solution.  Create a tailor-made kit to meet your organization's specific needs. 




Educational Programs - Whether done on an individual basis during a home consultation, or in a group setting as a one-time seminar or series of workshops, our educational programs are motivational and effective, resulting in sustained and measureable energy usage reductions.  We can help sponsoring organizations capture and claim the resulting cumulative energy savings.  




 Our educational programs have been featured at Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts State House, schools, libraries, and other community venues.  These highly effective programs inspire citizens to reduce their energy consumption by making simple changes. 

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