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PowerCost Monitorâ„¢


Know exactly how much electricity is being used throughout your house—and how much it’s costing—in real time, any time!

As seen on FOX News, ABC, and CNN Online, the PowerCost Monitor™ is helping thousands of people across the United States and Canada save money on their electric bill.

The PowerCost Monitor™ is a wireless energy monitor for your home. It can tell you at a glance how much electricity your home is using from moment-to-moment and in total. Why wait for your electricity bill when you can see what you are spending on electricity as you spend it!

Tests in Ontario and elsewhere have proven that householders who use real-time feedback can reduce electricity use by as much as 5% to 20%. This is the advantage of having real-time feedback on your electricity. Real-time feedback means real savings for you.

PowerCost Monitorâ„¢
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