Solar Solutions

Why pay for electricity or batteries, when you can use the sun to power your gadgets for free? Try our solar solutions, including:

  • A small rainproof flashlight that you can carry in your pocket or hang from your backpack, or leave on the dashboard of your car for ready access anytime

  • A combination flashlight/radio and cell phone charger - great for any emergency kit

  • A powerful portable lamp with an optional cell phone charging kit - imagine the savings!

Portable Solar Lamp $60.00

This heavy duty compact portable solar lamp charges fully in 6 hours of sunlight, so the LEDs run all night (12+ hours)! The bright white LED light provides good visibility up to 80 feet distance. The solar panel has a 10 ft cord for charging the lamp. Solar panel is 5-1/4” x 9-3/4” x 5/8” with a mounting bracket. The 8 LED lamp is about 6” high and 3” in diameter.

Everlite Solar Lamp
Solar Cell Phone Charger Adapter Kit $20.00

Eliminate several energy "vampires" from your daily use by using the sun to charge your cell phones and electronics! The Solar Cell Phone Charger Adapter Kit works with the Portable Solar Lamp; comes with a dozen adapters for iPods, iPhones, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and MP3 players. The USB cable can also charge the lamp from a laptop USB port.

Solar/Crank Powered Emergency Radio, Flashlight, and Cell Phone Charger $49.00

Great for camping trips or in an emergency! This Eton FR160 compact combination radio / flashlight can be powered by the hand crank, or the built in solar panel can capture the sun’s energy. The radio can receive AM, FM and NOAA weather bands, and can also tune in to the FCC and EAS public alert systems. Cell phone charger capability included. Dimensions: 4.96”W x 2.36”H x 1.81”D

Solar/HandCrank Radio Flashlight Cell phone charger FR160
Solar LED Flashlight $15.00

Ever dig out your flashlight in an emergency, only to find that the batteries are dead?
This rainproof solar-powered flashlight provides up to 5 hours of lighting time after being fully charged in direct sunlight; no batteries required. Compact & handy to fit easily in the palm of your hand or in a purse or pocket; keep it on the dashboard for emergencies.
LED life expectancy is 50,000 hours; never needs bulbs or batteries. Measures approximately 2 5/8"l x 1."w x 5/8"h overall (excluding key chain).

Solar LED Flashlight