Stop paying for wasted electricity.
Advanced Power Strips automatically turn off your peripherals -- and save you money!

Did you know that up to 20% of electricity used in the US is wasted due to energy vampires? Energy vampires are devices that use electricity even when they are turned off -- for example, computer printers, monitors, external hard drives, VCRs and DVD players, game stations, Wii, PlayStations. Advanced Power Strips, also known as "Smart" Power Strips, automatically shut those devices off for you -- and save you money.

An advanced power strip is a surge protector with special energy saving features that can save over $38 each year. 

To order an advanced power strip:
Click on your state on the map to see if you are eligible for any energy efficiency discounts or rebates from your electricity provider. 



How an advanced power strip (smart power strip) works:

  • Plug your TV or computer into the "Control" outlet.  This is now your Control Device.
  • Plug all your peripheral devices -- anything that doesn't need to be on when the TV or computer is not in use -- into the "Switched" outlets.
    Good for your computer monitor, printer, speakers, external hard drive; or your VCR, DVD player, game stations, Wii.
  • Plug any device that you want to have power at all times into the "Always On" outlets.
    Good for a cable box, modem, lamp.
  • When you turn off the Control Device (your TV or computer), ALL power is shut off to the Switched outlets and your peripheral devices. 
  • It even works when the computer goes into Sleep or Hibernate mode!

Benefits of a smart power strip vs. an ordinary power strip:

  • The average installed smart power strip saves a minimum of $38 a year in energy costs. 
  • It pays for itself in as little as 3 to 6 months, then keeps saving you electricity and money!
  • Advanced power strips provide high quality surge protection for your electrical devices.
  • Some models also include surge protection for your coaxial line, cable box and/or phone line or data line.   

Additional information:      
 -     How to install an advanced power strip (courtesy of Efficiency Vermont)