Tick and Mosquito Guard

Did you know . . . ?

According to the nonprofit organization Environmental Working Group, the average newborn baby has 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord blood.  Imagine how many toxins we each are exposed to every day.

Most insect repellents contain DEET, a chemical that effectively prevents bites from mosquitoes, flies and ticks.  On the negative side, DEET is also absorbed quickly through the skin, and then spreads to your body’s organs.  Some of the known side effects of DEET are rashes, muscle twitching, confusion, slurred speech, seizures, and even death.    So what are we to do?  Endure insects biting us at will?  Stay indoors all summer?

Happily, there is another option.  We absolutely love MosquitoGuard and TickGuard from Botanical Solutions.  These sprays are DEET-free, non-toxic, and -- best of all -- they really work AND smell great, too! 

TickGuard by Botanical Solutions

A completely safe, non-toxic and natural way to keep you safe from Ticks and the diseases they carry including Lyme Disease. The special blend of natural botanical extracts act as a powerful repellent to Ticks, keeping you safe from Tick bites. Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Peppermint Oil (.6%), Lemongrass Oil (.6%), Rosemary Oil (.6%), Potassium Sorbate (.02%) Inactive Ingredients: Water, Lecithin

Buy one 4 oz. bottle for $13, or two for $25.

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Price $13.00 $12.50
Botanical Solutions Non ToxicTick Guard Pests Repellent
MosquitoGuard by Botanical Solutions

MosquitoGuard is the perfect alternative to DEET; the special blend of natural ingredients acts as a powerful repellent to mosquitoes, keeping them away for hours on end. 

Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Citric Acid 0.10 %, Geraniol 15.00%, Peppermint Oil 0.60 %, Potassium Sorbate 0.40 %. Inactive Ingredients: Water, Lecithin

Suggested use for both sprays: Shake Well. Apply directly to skin and clothes. Reapply as often as necessary.
Common sense precaution: Do not spray in eyes or mouth. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Buy one 4 oz. bottle for $13, or two for $25.

Quantity   1      2+  
Price $13.00 $12.50
Botanical Solutions Mosquito Guard Pest Repellent