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Programs for Educational Institutions

Advanced power strip programs

Eliminate wasted energy in dormitories and offices by installing energy saving Advanced Power Strips, or sponsor a promotional program to encourage students to purchase their own.  One device in a dorm room or office can save, on average, 125 kWh per year.  Some models can be installed permanently into the dorm rooms. Visit our store to learn about models and call us for a quote on bulk pricing, or to learn more about sponsoring a promotional program for energy saving devices: 978-707-2347. 


Educational seminars

In a fast-paced, fact-filled 60 to 90 minute seminar, we present eye-opening information and valuable education in an entertaining and engaging way, inspiring individuals to make changes in their lives that, when added to actions taken by millions of others, can make a huge difference.

Our programs have been featured at Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts State House, environmental conferences, schools, libraries, and other community venues. 


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