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No matter what type of organization you have -- a public company, non-profit, educational institution, community group -- Sustainable Life Solutions has a program to help you meet your organization's energy conservation awareness and action goals. 

For educational institutions

Schools are experiencing increasing electricity costs due to the proliferation of personal electronics use by students and staff.  We can help reduce your electricity consumption with a three-pronged approach:

  • Educational presentations to teach your students and staff about phantom energy drain and plug load

  • Bulk pricing on advanced power strips and other energy saving devices to your organization

  • Partnering with your organization to encourage students to buy and use energy saving advanced power strips and charging stations

Read more about our programs for schools.

For companies and non-profits

 Is your organization looking for an employee program to complement your energy reduction initiatives?  Sustainable Life Solutions has employee engagement programs that inspire individuals to reduce energy consumption, create healthier home and office environments, and live more sustainably. 

Since employees have a critical role in your organization's sustainability efforts, providing education and information is key to employee satisfaction, engagement, and long term sustained changes.

Our educational programs have been described as the "best program on energy conservation and sustainable living" by industry experts and "transformational" by attendees.

"Sustainable Life Solution's Go Green Around the Home program was superb."
- Dan Ruben, Executive Director of Boston's Green Tourism

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Motivational speakers for user conferences and environmental action events

Consider offering your customers, employees, or community event a chance to hear from the co-founders of Sustainable Life Solutions for an inspiring and motivational program that will be sure to engage your audience. Sustainable Life Solutions has presented at numerous conferences  and will give your event a presentation to remember! 


To learn more about our motivational educational programs, call us at 978-707-2347 and we'll design a program for you.

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