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Employee Engagement Program Benefits

Benefits to your employees/members:

Our fact-filled, fast-paced programs will help your employees or members to:

  • Reduce their energy use at home

  • Rid their home of toxins

  • Reduce waste and use of nonrenewable resources

  • Save money

Information is power, and once armed with facts and practical tips, many attendees report dramatic reductions of 10% to 30% in their monthly energy consumption.  Even more impressive is the fact that people continue to see these reductions months and years after attending one of our programs.


Benefits to your organization:

Helping your employees/members reduce consumption at home has many benefits for your organization.

  • Members will have a newfound awareness of reducing consumption at work

  • Employee satisfaction and engagement will improve

  • Employee/member energy reductions can be tracked and communicated to your community, fostering good will and corporate citizenship


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