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Smart Power Strips save energy and money

Watch the video to learn how an advanced power strip, also known as a smart power strip, works to automatically shut down power to devices when they are not in use.





Energy Vampires are robbing you!

10% to 20% of the average American electric bill is from Energy Vampires - those electronics and other electrical devices that continue to use power when you think the device is off!

How to Recognize an Energy Vampire:

Anything with a transformer "chunky" plug, an LED indicator light or an LED clock, or charging capability is an Energy Vampire. This includes computers and peripherals, entertainment center electronics, cell phone chargers, cordless phones, many coffee makers, microwave ovens...

3 Simple Ways to Slay Energy Vampires:

  1. Just unplug peripheral devices automatically with an advanced smart power strip!
    Many people don't want to completely unplug their computer peripherals or entertainment center electronics. There's a better way: use an energy saving smart power strip. This surge protector is smart enough to know when you've turned off your TV or computer — and even if your computer has gone into Sleep mode — and it automatically shuts off all power to your peripherals, eliminating these energy vampires. A smart power strip pays for itself in 3 to 6 months on average. Discounts and instant rebates are available in some areas; please select your state on the map below to see if your electricity provider is participating.

  2. Just unplug the charger!
    spg charging station - white 2Plug-in chargers continue to use power even when the device is fully charged or not even attached to the charger. When you unplug the device from the charger, please remember to unplug the charger, too! If you prefer to leave the charger plugged in for convenience, use an energy saving Charging Station to stop these energy vampires in their tracks.

  3. Just unplug the device when it's not in use!
    Good candidates for having the plug pulled include electric pencil sharpeners, coffee makers, microwave ovens, water fountains.

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Did You Know? 

Entertainment center electronics (TV, game stations, Wii, TiVo, DVD/VCR players and recorders) often draw almost as much power when they are in Standby as when they are being used. The chances are good that you are paying for more electricity when you're not using the device than when you are using it!


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